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I am Sean Bulger, an IT Pro working in the Modern Endpoint Management workspace. I have been working with Intune and Configuration Manager in the enterprise since 2015. I have a broad range of experience having worked in nearly every career field from plumbing to emergency medicine. I have always come back to technology, initially starting out in QA, and then moving to desktop support. I rejoined the IT field in 2014 as a help desk analyst at a large accounting firm. I was able to quickly build my skill set and moved into a workstation engineering role a year later.

modernEndpoint.com represents the next stage in my personal and professional development. I have changed companies twice in the last two years. During that time I lost touch with the pulse of the endpoint management community. I was still doing the work, but I wasn’t in an environment that was mature enough to adopt many of the modern solutions that were available. Over the last three months I have had the chance to re-engage with the community. It has been reinvigorating. I have been reminded that I have something to offer.

I am starting this site as a way to engage with the Modern Endpoint Management community, share my perspective, and most importantly to learn from all of the other professionals in our field. This is an exciting time for those of us who work with Intune, Configuration Manager, and the entire Enterprise Mobility and Security suite. Our organizations are changing quickly. The role of a windows administrator has shifted. We no longer spend (as much of) our time writing logon scripts and managing group policy to lock down Windows. Our organizations now expect us to provide a stable platform that empowers users rather than limits them.

Modern Endpoint Management requires us to take a holistic look at our environments and our existing workflows. We need to adjust our paradigms to work with tech savvy users and stay ahead of rapidly emerging trends. If we fail to get ahead we will continue to fight against Shadow IT in our organizations. I believe the best way for us to do that is to become solutions providers. Through this site I hope to help provide holistic solutions that drive technology adoption.

I plan on using modernEndpoint.com as a place to share information, explore technical challenges, and foster a dialog on how best to provide users with the cutting-edge experiences they desire. Through the various blogs on this site we will explore the challenges facing all of us as we transition from a traditional solutions to a modern workplace.

I hope that my blog – managed.modernEndpoint.com – and my collaborators’ blogs – Scripted and Collaborative – will provide insight and value on how to manage solutions in the modern workplace.

Thank you for visiting. Please follow us on Twitter (@managed_blog) for more updates!

Sean Bulger